Contractor Ch3

Back with a new Contractor chapter.

This long summer break was largely because I got swamped with work things and such.

Heavy Knight is still on hiatus in japanese it seems, but once a new chapter drops, I will translate it with all haste.

Until then, Contractor remains the main project for now, with maybe No Fatigue or Redo Prince if I can force myself to continue it.

Chapter here.

Contractor Ch1

So, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up, so here is a thing. The delay is mostly due to work and various life stuff, as usual. The work stuff is not exactly over just yet, so don’t expect a 4-5/week schedule just yet.

This is the first chapter of a relatively short series by the same author as Heavy Knight, so I decided to start on it while the releases are sparse for that one.

Chapter here.

Redo Prince V1Ch46

So, translating this chapter proved to be just a tad less tedious than squeezing blood from stone. It almost caused me physical pain sometimes.

That’s the reason why this came out an entire three days late. Oh and it was about twice the size of the usual chapter as well.

This chapter also marks the end of Volume 1. The next chapter will be Volume 2 Chapter 47, for some reason, unless I decide to disregard the chapter numbering by the author and reset the counter anyway.

Hopefully chapters like this won’t come more than once in a single volume, or I just might drop the whole thing.

Chapter here.

Commentated chapter here.