29 comments on “8. Flying baby

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  2. so that means he’s “sleeping” through fainting, though it always end up as a power nap.

    thanks for chapter!


    • Not quite, what is normally probably near comatose/long faint duration for others is reduced to negligible amount by No Fatigue.

      MP Bar: I’m out! go take a break (for a few hours/days please!)
      No Fatigue: DENIED!

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  3. I can only see this chapter as many subtle ques for bad things coming to happen either at the fortress or on the way home, followed by him releasing some godly magic to ward off the attackers. Though that’s if this follows every other japanese story I’ve seen written in the past decade that doesn’t go the overlord route. Thanks for the release and look forward to the next few chapters.

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    • Yeah, attack by a bandit group tried to save with a huge burst of power then land next to a granma who is a dying dragon then made him her heir……ooops that is a different novel. At royalroadl if you are curious.


  4. Thanks for the chapter. Welp If he had 77 mp and could last a few seconds and now can last a few minutes. Does that mean he has about 4800 mp?


  5. So… Something like a hover baby exists… I hope it doesn’t become something normal in this reality….


  6. I thought he would create a commotion by flying or something..
    Sometimes I mixed this No Fatigue with Commushou lol. Since both of them are still babies. Welp, the Commushou..He’s a sucking demon =.=

    Thanks for the chapter~~!


  7. he really is living in the now, because if he thought about it a magical genius baby would be something that made news, news that will eventually reach the slasher


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