No Fatigue Ch.6 – Counter stop counter stop counter stop

A week passed since I learned magic.

The repetition works I’m currently doing are the following two:

First: I use up my MP all the way to 0 and with that raise the maximum MP value.
Second: I make the building blocks float with ♭. Of course multiple ones at the same time. When releasing, instead of releasing it normally, I use ∃. In other words, I’m leveling ♭ and ∃.

The other magics, partly because Julia-kaasan said so, I’m leaving until later for now.
I don’t think it would be found out at night, but mom was also worried about misfires. I’m still just a baby, so if some accident happens I perhaps wouldn’t able to deal with it myself. I think I will start with them when I’m at least big enough to run away when something happens.

Besides work, I’m progressing with the deciphering of 『Abaddon Magic Compilation』, which I got from mom by throwing a tantrum.
It’s a process where I ask mom to read an entry a few times, which I earnestly try to memorize and then compare it with the written words.
It’s a mentally tiresome work, which I would’ve stopped before long in my previous life, but thanks to the [No Fatigue] skill I don’t get bored or tired.
Thanks to the correspondence table, only reading the writing is no problem, and as the result of comparing it with the memorized words, my vocabulary is also steadily increasing.

I would really like to have a trustworthy dictionary, but since the six months old me spends his entire day in a crib, I couldn’t even explore the insides of the mansion yet.
From the window of this child room, a fairly spacious – more than a modern Japanese person could hope for – garden can be seen. If the building is also comparatively sized, then maybe there is something like a study or a library room.

It’s a different topic, but the day after I used magic in front of mother Julia, an exclusive maid was assigned to me.
Julia-kaasan brought over three maids in turns, checked my affinity with them, then assigned one of them to me.
She is a girl in about her mid-teens, has a childish face and big breasts.
…..Of course, during the above-mentioned affinity check, it’s needless to say that I did my utmost to indicate that this girl is the best.
Her name is Stephanie, and according to the conversation between her and Julia-kaasan, she appears to be a daughter of an influential person within our domain.
Waiting for a moment when Julia-kaasan wasn’t present, I covertly used [Appraisal] on her, and

《Stephanie: Village girl. Age: 16. Level 1, HP: 8/8, MP: 7/7. Skills: None》

Mhm. Ordinary. Is the only impression I have currently.
I thought there would be skills like housework and such, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
Maybe the skills in this world are only those that are related to combat.

I want to use [Appraisal] on Julia-kaasan too, but I feared that she may notice, so I didn’t try it yet.
But I know that [Appraisal] isn’t magic, so if I wait and use it when she’s asleep it should be alright.
Thinking that, I use [Appraisal] on mom when she fell asleep rocking my crib.

Julia Chrebl (Wife of Viscount Chrebl《Flame Prison Witch》)

Level 47
HP 79/79
MP 253/253

•Master class(Skills unlocked by diligent training.)
[Fire Element Magic] 4
[Mana Control] 4

[Fire Magic] 7
[Water Magic] 3
[Wind Magic] 3
[Earth Magic] 2
[Light Magic] 3
[Telekinesis Magic] 2
[Mana Manipulation] 5
[Mana Perception] 6
[Simultaneous Invocation] 3

…..isn’t she, helluva amazing?

Having that many skills is also probably amazing (there are even Master class skills), but since I don’t have a point of reference for this world I’ll just leave it for now.

What I find most amazing of all is the HP and MP.

At a quick glance, those numbers look like they belong to a magician from a generic RPG.
Perhaps the HP feels a bit like with those numbers it would be somewhat troublesome to take on a boss from the second half of the game with.

But, remember.


《HP: the abstract conversion of one’s life force into a numerical value. Current value/Maximum value. 10 is the standard value for an average level 1 male adult. It is rare for someone to die when HP remains, or to live despite having 0 HP, but it is possible. The maximum value can temporarily decrease due to injury, illness, or fatigue.》

Particularly important is this:

《……10 is the standard value for an average level 1 male adult.……》

In other words, Julia-kaasan’s 79 HP means that she has nearly 8 times the amount than an average Level 1 adult male.
In this world, I don’t really know what the ‘Level 1 adult male’ is like, but seeing how Steph (Stephanie) is Level 1 at 16 years old, it probably means that common people that aren’t soldiers or adventurers are mostly all Level 1.

Take for example the reason I ended up reincarnating on Marquekt, the slasher.
The office worker he stabbed from the previous world should have approximately the same status as a ‘Level 1 adult male’ in this world.
By that criteria, that should mean that even if Julia-kaasan were to be stabbed by a slasher a few times it wouldn’t become a fatal wound.

Is that really possible?

Moreover, her HP is already very high, but Julia-kaasan’s real worth should be in her MP.
According to [Appraisal]’s Help, 《10 is the standard value for an average level 1 male adult.》, so that means that Julia-kaasan’s MP(amount of mana) is more than 25 times the average person’s.
Considering that the MP consumption of the simplest configuration magic using letters (like 卜 or π ) is 1, it probably means the she has quite an abundant amount of mana.

Of course, the possibility that in the outside world there are plenty of mom-class adventurers is not nil.

And as an extra, here is my status.

《Edgar Chrebl
Level 1
HP 4/4
MP 77/77

•Mythical class
[No Fatigue] –
[Instant Interpretation] –

•Legendary class
[Appraisal] 9 (MAX)
[Database] –

•Master class
[Physical Magic] 1
[Mana Control] 1
[Letterless Invocation] 1

[Fire Magic] 1
[Water Magic] 1
[Wind Magic] 1
[Earth Magic] 1
[Light Magic] 1
[Telekinesis Magic] 9 (MAX)
[Mana Manipulation] 9 (MAX)
[Simultaneous Invocation] 9 (MAX)

<Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing> 》

Yes, I reached Counter Stop with [Telekinesis Magic], [Mana Manipulation], and [Simultaneous Invocation]!

Their respective Counter Stop bonuses were [Physical Magic], [Mana Control], and [Letterless Invocation].

[Physical Magic] uses ♭ just like [Telekinesis Magic], but its effect and power are greatly augmented, it seems. It’s okay to think of it like the [Telekinesis Magic] version of Julia-kaasan’s [Fire Element Magic].

[Mana Control] uses ∃ just like [Mana Manipulation], and it’s the upward compatible version of [Mana Manipulation].
It matches with mom. Mom didn’t reach Counter Stop with [Mana Manipulation], so there should be other ways to learn it.

As for [Letterless Invocation], the process of invocation for magic requires at least one of the ‘writing of a magic letter’ or the ‘pronouncing the magic letter’ action, but [Letterless Invocation] allows the user to omit both of them.
By imagining the letter and the effect in the brain, and with the signal of a trigger action, like voice, thought, or gesture, one can activate the magic.

But leaving aside [Physical Magic] and [Mana Control], [Letterless Invocation] is definitely nasty.
What’s nasty about it is, well of course when I’m using it it’s very convenient, but if some vile people were to learn it, they could freely execute surprise attacks and feints to their heart’s content.

Even mom, who has a nickname, has the [Simultaneous Invocation] at 3, so there shouldn’t too many people with it, but I mustn’t forget about it.
On the request of the Goddess, I have to do something about the slasher that reincarnated in this world.

The other side has the Evil God with him it seems, so most likely he has cheat-like powers just like mine.
Moreover, he is also a reincarnated person, so there is no way [Simultaneous Invocation] wouldn’t catch his eye, and so there is a chance he would also get its Counter Stop bonus [Letterless Invocation].

No, it’s nearly certain he will get it. I have to assume that.
Certainly, I have [No Fatigue]. If our starting points are the same, the other side shouldn’t have [Letterless Invocation] yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time.
Just like how Julia-kaasan obtained [Mana Control] without reaching the Counter Stop in [Mana Manipulation], there could be other ways of acquiring it.

That being said, there are limits to what a 6-month-old baby can do.
For the time being raising the levels of the 3 new Master class skills and expanding the maximum MP should be alright.

Thanks to [No Fatigue] my MP recovers fairly fast, but even so the significance of the maximum MP doesn’t go away.
In the 『Abaddon Magic Compilation』 book, which I’ve memorized almost a third of by now, there are descriptions of large-scale spells that consume huge amounts of mana.
Also, there are situations where using spells one after another without rest is needed.

If in dire situations one can’t use a spell because their maximum MP is too low, or they used up all their MP because there wasn’t any time to rest, it really affects the chances for survival.
It’s a drawback that whenever I use up all my MP I get assaulted by splitting headaches, but getting over that with guts, I make sure to exhaust my MP at least 10 times a day.
Fortunately, thanks to [No Fatigue] it seems I wake up after a few minutes anyway.

In this way, I spent all my days training 24 hours a day, without sleep, without rest, until ――

“――Julia! I’m home!”

With a more youthful voice than expected, the one that leapt into my room was,

――Alfred Chrebl.

The man that is my dad in this life.

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