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So I managed to set out on the road to the completion of my original goal, which was to simply do more translations to gain experience.
This was greatly facilitated by the joint project of No Fatigue with kookiedreamer, so I thank her for allowing me to work with her on this one.

By translating No Fatigue I realized that translating mondaiji is hella difficult compared to a more ‘light’ light novel, so it wasn’t just my gross incompetence that lead to me not translating it fast enough. Since I managed to get a little more experience with translating now, I should be able to return to mondaiji too in the near future. I’m looking forward to it.

So, as the title mentions, I was thinking of picking up another project.
A short while ago, I read through all the completed translations of I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world by LazyNEET. I’ve found it surprisingly fun and I was sad that there was no signs activity from the translator for a few month now.
Lately, the WN version was picked up Rebirth Online World, but I would be doing the LN version, so I think there would still be value in it. Also, as far as I know, that is an MTL, towards which some people might have some reluctance to read. I haven’t read all their chapters, but from what I did read, it looks good for an MTL.

So, to not beat around the bush anymore, I would like to pick up translating this LN if there are enough people that would want me to do it.
Here is a sample chapter that I did, so you can gauge my translation abilities and decide if you want more of this kind of translations.
If you don’t want to post a comment to express your opinion on it, you can quickly and painlessly vote in this Strawpoll.

Now we reached the last topic of this lengthy post, which is the possibility of sponsored chapters.
I’m currently working 2 jobs, one of them a full-time one, the other is a side-job. My second job is somewhat flexible with how much I want to work, so that leaves me with the possibility of doing sponsored chapter translations. Of course, I will still translate everything as much as I can even if the general consensus says that there is no need for sponsored chapters currently.
If I continue translating as is, my current rate of translating would probably be 1 No Fatigue chapter (depending on the length maybe 2) and one Hello Work chapter if it continues. Mondaiji is much more and harder to translate text per chapter, so probably once a month would be realistic for it.

Since No Fatigue is a collaboration project I think it shouldn’t have sponsored chapters. That leaves Mondaiji and possibly Hello Work.

Finally here are the links to all my current question in strawpoll format I would like to have your input on:
– Should I continue translating the LN version of ‘I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world’ ?
– Should I have sponsored chapters in the future?

I also managed to publish this earlier than I wanted, so sorry about that.

Thank you all for you continued support and I hope I will be able translate much more in the future.

7 thoughts on “Possible new project and other things”

  1. Why not a joint cooperatinon with rebirthonlineworld on the LN version of I’m a NEET?
    Or rebirthonlineworld wont do it becaouse of DMCA?

    Either way I think sponsored chapters and / or donnations are good, because you are sacrificing your precious time translateing for us. I think that deserves money.

  2. Hmm I am a little confused on this sponsor chapter thing, could you go into detail about it? Also is Mondaiji really that difficult to translate!? O_O I mean it would be awesome if you could continue it.

  3. I enjoy Mondaiji, but is it okay to TL it after Baka-Tsuki was hit with the DMCA for Mondaiji, along with their other projects?

  4. I would love to see you continue TL’ing Hello Work; partly because Rebirth picks up and drops projects on a whim, which has introduced me to some cool stuff but also left me with more than one case of novel blue balls. I also find it difficult to read the WN version after already reading the (I assume) more polished LN. So i vote yay.

  5. I totally support translating ln vers of Hello Work.Considering rebirthonline is just googletranslating the series,like what he did with Isekai Ryourido and TDADP.A better translator is much preferable.

  6. I’d like to see Mondaiji continued, got all riled up as of volume 10 but there were basically no updates of vol. 11 in the past months…

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