No Fatigue Ch. 46

I think I echo the sentiments of most of you when I say ‘****ing finally’.

This chapter was roughly 2.5 times longer than a usual chapter, so that also contributed to the long ass waiting time.

Chapter here.


On a relatively unrelated note, I will suspend the possibility of further sponsored chapters until I finally catch up with the currently owned chapters.

9 thoughts on “No Fatigue Ch. 46”

  1. Kinda fits your slogan at the top of your WordPress. Thanks for the chapter, and glad you made it. Now for the long treck of getting all the chapters translated promptly.


  2. Details details~
    Don’t worry about the lateness and take all the time you need.
    and before i forget, thank you for your hard work and the new chapter


  3. tnx for the hard work,, on anpther note any news on when youd work on those qeued chpters??


      1. A few people just waiting. Not much we can do unless we think he has dropped the series and try to persuade(coax) a translator or somebody that was reading it attempts an MTL or a TL


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