Hello Work V8C14 (3/3)

Took longer to get home today than expected, so I didn’t make it until the same time as I published yesterday.

That would usually mean skipping a day, but since I haven’t locked down what time I will be publishing the chapter in the future in general, I decided to publish it anyway.

Also, I don’t want to break the 5/week schedule unless it’s unavoidable.

Chapter here.

Hello Work V8C12 (1/3)

Sadly I ran out of time yesterday due to work invading my translation time, but hopefully the very SOS stuff like yesterday won’t come up too frequently.

Also, chapter 12 is pretty long, so I kind of had to break it up into three parts. I think I settled on the chapter bits being approximately between 2500 and 3500 character long in japanese. That’s what the usual chapter lengths were for Heavy Knight as well.

Chapter here.