Hello Work V8C16 (1/2)

Hah, finished still on friday by my clock. Hurray.

Next chapter bit likely coming out on monday as usual.

Also, wanted to ask the readers that read the translation of the previous translator: How would you compare it to mine? It’s just that I thought that more people would want to read this, but the statistics begs to differ so I’m kind of lost.

Chapter here.

Hello Work V8C14 (3/3)

Took longer to get home today than expected, so I didn’t make it until the same time as I published yesterday.

That would usually mean skipping a day, but since I haven’t locked down what time I will be publishing the chapter in the future in general, I decided to publish it anyway.

Also, I don’t want to break the 5/week schedule unless it’s unavoidable.

Chapter here.