Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Story of the Hero and peaceful life

The Templar Knight Order already left towards the demon border the next day after the harpies’ attack.

In fact, at that time apparently the Templar Knight Order has already set out, but they heard the sound of the bell from the town, so they quickly turned back. It was really a close call.


For a while I completely skipped on both work and training. Aside from when I showed my face at the Guild that one time to receive the reward, we even turned back in front of the Guild when we escorted Tilika-chan back. Actually I wanted stay in my room without taking a step out of it, but as expected that can’t really be done in this different world.

I miss my everyday life from Japan. Convenient and comfortable, and also safe everyday life.

I mainly spent my mornings and daytime with reading the Story of the Hero. When I got bored of that I caught Sati and fooled around with her. Of course I also oversee Sati’s studies. However the training is on hold for Sati too. Sati was injured too, so it’s better to rest for a while. That was my excuse.

In the garden I also tried shooting the new spells I learned for a bit. If I had this magic that time, could I have done something more?

Angela and Tilika-chan came over in the afternoon, we ate dinner and took a bath like usual. Of course I go in with Sati and we wash each other.

I told Angela that we are only taking a break. In fact, even if our injuries were healed after using Recovery Magic, the lost blood doesn’t come back and it’s better to not move too much until the body grows accustomed to the regenerated tissue.

Although Angela worries about me, she was finally convinced by that apparently.

But in reality I was just terrified. There were times that were dangerous even before this. But this time I was completely convinced I would die. Pulling Sati with me.


No wonder Elizabeth recommended it, the 7th Volume was very good. In particular I teared up at the scene where the wind mage heroically protected the Hero and then the Hero defeated the enemy.

I wonder what the world falling into ruin means. Will the Demon King be revived? Or perhaps things like those harpies overrun everything. I heard that this was a peaceful town and this is what I get.

I wonder if Elizabeth is doing fine at the demon border. About the four adventurers that died, I think about things like that when I’m not doing anything.


Two more days after that, I finally finished reading the Story of the Hero. Then I think. I don’t think I can become a Hero. The Hero stood up and fought even after getting injured and collapsing countless times. He didn’t falter even when his comrades got injured and collapsed, or when he lost an important person. I wonder what he felt when he lost two of his comrades and his home country was torn to shreds. The feelings of the Hero aren’t really written in this book.

It’s always one cruel battle after the other. If it was me I would’ve run away around Volume 3.

After defeating the Demon King, the Hero married the princess, received a territory and lived most of the rest of his life there. Without taking part in fighting or politics, apparently in his later years he lived his life quite peacefully. Reading that I was relieved.

When I’m asleep I sometimes dream of the scene where I was attacked by harpies or about the adventurers who died. I get startled awake, then I look at the sleeping Sati and Tilika-chan and regain my peace of mind.

…….is this what they call PTSD?

If this was Japan then I would be going to a hospital, but here the doctors are at the Temple’s medical clinic, however I don’t really want to show my miserable appearance to Angela. Should I try consulting with Priest-sama about it once? He said that he was formerly a member of the Templar Knight Order too, so he might have some experience with things like this.

That day, after a long while, I left Sati at the training field after escorting Tilika-chan. I was thinking what should I do since I raised her Archery to Level 5, but what will be will be. Sati is a prodigy. It should be fine with that.

I didn’t want to meet Sergeant-dono, so I left the Guild like I was running away. I don’t want people that I’m close to know that I’m afraid. Angela might be vaguely aware of it. If I meet with Sergeant-dono and talk with him, then it will probably be seen through.


I shown myself at the Temple’s medical clinic. Angela and Priest-sama is currently treating people.

“Oh, Masaru. What is it?”

“Hi, Angela. ….I have something to talk about, or maybe a question to Priest-sama.”

“Alright. What might it be about?”

“I think it will take a bit of a time, so can I ask you to talk just the two of us? I will help with the treatment in exchange.”

“If that’s how it is. Angela, please bring the patients in.”

“Yes, Priest-sama.”

The patients are being lead in one after the other. I promptly use Recovery Magic on them. There was one person that was down with a serious sickness, so I used Extra Heal there.

After about 30 minutes I finished treating all the patients from the waiting room.

“Wonderful healing magic. At this point we can’t even hold a candle to you.”

“That’s right. Masaru has a talent for it.”

Well it’s a Skill gained via a cheat. I’m not that thrilled to be praised for that. ‘Nn, perhaps I do.’, I answer half-heartedly.

“Well then, Angela, I leave the rest to you. Masaru-dono, this way please.”


I’ve been lead to the room in the back.

“Then what kind of question do you have in mind.”

What should I ask first. I think I will ask about the Demon King and the world falling into ruin. The things about me can come after that. It’s a bit hard to speak about too.

I tell him that I’ve read the Story of the Hero and ask about the Demon King and the world falling into ruin. Whether if the harpies attacking is sign of something perhaps.

“I see, the revival of the Demon King and the world falling into ruin, is it. However ever since the Demon King was defeated by the Hero I didn’t hear any news of it being revived. Regarding the world falling into ruin, in these few years the boundary near the demon border was exceptionally stable. You know of the project to create pioneer villages, right? If it succeeds then the lands of the kingdom will extend. Something like the lands of the kingdom getting overrun like in the old days won’t happen anymore. You don’t need to worry. And about what happened the other day, things like that happen frequently. Even if the Templar Knight Order wasn’t present, although at the cost of some casualties, we would’ve been able to repel it for certain.”

If Priest-sama says that, then it must be true. The Demon King hasn’t revived. I’m a bit relieved. At least I shouldn’t end up fighting the Demon King as a Hero. At least at this present time.

“I wasn’t able to be too much help, but I wonder if this answer was acceptable.”

“Yes, more than enough. My heart got much lighter. I also have another matter I would like to consult with you about.”

“Please tell me without hesitation.”

“I’m afraid. Of harpies. They come attacking in my dreams and I wake up at night.”

“I see…….It’s a sickness of the mind that frequently plagues young soldiers.”

Priest-sama continues after thinking for a bit.

“In regards to that there is nothing I can do to help. The only way is to face your fear by yourself. If you face the situation from the front without being fearful, then time will allow you to overcome it.”

“Is that so……”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with it. However, most people do recover over time. Being afraid is not something you should be particularly embarrassed about. Masaru-dono too will be able to overcome it for sure.”

I thought it was a conventional answer, but when Priest-sama says it, it sounds convincing.

“Yes. Thank you very much, Priest-sama.”

“That right. Do you still have time after this?”

“Yeah, I’m free until noon.”

“To tell you the truth, there is a follower, you see. He is a person with bad eyes. However they don’t have the money for a high ranking specialist…..”

“Aah, I see. I don’t mind. I don’t need the treatment fee. Where is that person?”

Using Recovery Magic isn’t too much of a hassle either. I wonder a bit why the people of this world take a lot of money for something like this, but probably there aren’t too many people that can use Recovery Magic of this level.

“It’s right nearby. I will guide you there.”


We say hi to Angela and leave the temple. Then we visit a house in a walking distance of few minutes. The master of this household had his eyesight gradually worsen since last year, then finally he lost his sight entirely it seems. The cause is unknown.

“Geena-san, it’s me.”

“Aah, Priest-sama. Thank you for coming to dirty place like this. What might be the reason for your visit?”

A young woman came to greet us.

“Is you father home? Actually, I brought a skillful healing specialist-dono with me.”

“Oh my! I will bring my dad over at once. Please sit here and wait for a bit.”

Being lead by the hand by the woman named Geena a middle aged man came over.

“Well well, Priest-dono, please forgive my rudeness that stems from not being able to see. What brings you here today?”

“I’ve brought a healing specialist-dono. Let’s try treating those eyes. This is the healing specialist, Masaru-dono.”

“But as you know, we don’t have money. Even if you treat me, the treatment fee……”

“It’s alright. This time the normal treatment fee will suffice. Right? Masaru-dono.”

“Yes. Also, it’s not guaranteed that I can heal it either.”

I have the room darkened for the treatment. Unlike Sati this is a complete loss of sight, can I do it, I wonder? In tv shows and the like they cover it in bandages and undo it slowly, but it’s not clear whether it’s there to protect from the light or for the surgery wounds. For the time beings we seal the few places where the light leaked through and that made the room considerably dim.

“Then I will start the treatment now. Please close your eyes.”

【Extra Heal】 Begin chanting————- Activate.

Extra Heal activated without problem. Well, in regards to magic there wasn’t a single case where a problem happened.

“Then, can you open your eyes slowly while looking at the table? Really, slowly.”


“Are you alright? Then, when you get used to it please look around slowly.”

“I can see…..my eyes……my eyes are…..”


Geena-san hugs her father in excitement.

“Ooh, Priest-dono, Masaru-dono, how can I thank you enough.”

“Thank you very much, thank you very much.”

“I thought that I wouldn’t be able to see anymore for the rest of my life.”

“As expected of Masaru-dono. Wonderful skills.”

“No, it’s not that big of a deal.”

During my 23 years of life, it was rare that people would have feelings of gratitude towards me.

And now here they are, bowing repeatedly with gratitude.

I know I did something worthy of being thankful for, but this is a cheat.

I’m originally a simple NEET without any redeeming qualities.

I just received these abilities from a God by chance.

I’m not a person that people should be thankful to…..

While I was deep in thought, Geena-san returned from the back and put some clinking coins on the table.

A few silver coins. Also some copper ones.

“Uhm, although it’s not much, as a sign of our gratitude. Also, this.”

Then she hands me a beautiful ring.

I accept the ring. It’s a beautiful ring with a small gem embedded in it. Would Sati be happy if I gave this to her?

“It’s a memento from my mother. This about the only thing we have that has some value…..”

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? I can’t accept something as important as that!

“Nonono. I will give this back! Look, as we said before, it’s fine with just the normal treatment fee! Priest-sama, please accept only the normal fee’s worth.”

“How can that be! Then how can we express our gratitude.”


“There there, both of you. Masaru-dono is looking troubled. The reward is sufficient with only this much.”

Then Priest-sama takes a few coins and hands them over to me.

“Is that so…..I know! Geena. You should go to Masaru-sama’s place. Masaru-sama, this girl is a good natured girl who works well. It’s fine whether as maid or concubine. Please use her as you see fit. Right, Geena?”

“That sort of thing…… father. It would be an annoyance to Masaru-sama……”

They are saying maid and concubine, but Geena-san looks like she’s not wholly against the idea either, she is glancing at me while fidgeting.

“No, it’s really alright! If you really want to express your gratitude then please do something for the orphanage. Well then, Priest-sama. There is treatment after this too, right? Let’s go!”

Saying that I leave the house while pulling Priest-sama with me.


“Hahhahha. You should have just accepted her.”

What kind of irresponsible things is he saying. I do think it’s a bit of a shame. Geena-san has her hair tied behind, and gives off a feeling of town-girl who would look good in an apron, a bit plain looking, but she was fairly cute.

“Is Priest-sama married?”

I ask casually.

“I have a wife. She is living in this town.”

This is the first time I’ve heard of that.

“She used to help out at the orphanage, but her health has deteriorated.”

“Oh, will she be alright?”

“Yes, it’s just her lower back that got worse. She is fine already, but she is looking after our grandchild at home now.”

Grandchild, huh. It’s true that Priest-sama is fairly old already.

“My wife was the one that taught Angela how to cook too, you see. That’s right, how about you come over for dinner sometimes? Although she is not a professional, but she can make some quite delicious foods.”

“Alright, when there is an opportunity.”

Priest-sama goes home every day to sleep, so the orphanage is mainly maintained by Angela, Sister Matilda and her partner apparently.

“Masaru-dono possesses a splendid ability. There is no need to force yourself to fight really. Don’t you think treating people and earning their gratitude is also a splendid way of living?”

“That’s true.”

If there wasn’t a premise of the world falling into ruin, then that would’ve been fine too. Working in a medical clinic with Angela, living our life in peace every day. That kind of lifestyle.


“Welcome back, Priest-sama, Masaru.”

“Sorry for being away for so long. Was everything fine over here?”

“There was only one patient who came over.”

“Then Angela. Later then. Also, thank you very much for before, Priest-sama.”

“You really helped me out too. Also, please think about what I just mentioned. We will welcome you anytime.”


There was still time, so I went to the grasslands after a long while.

While I was staying at home, the wild rabbit meat for sure, but even all the huge boar meat was used up too. There still some dragon meat remaining, but it’s kept in reserve. Buying vegetables and the like in the market is fine, but the meat is nearly double what the Guild pays, so I want to be self sufficient with it.

When I was going through the gate the usual guard-duty soldier called out to me.

“Masaru. I have something to talk to you about.”

Ooh. What happened? I’m always called Wild Rabbit Hunter or Dragon Slayer, this is the first time I’ve been called by my name.

I’ve been brought to the guard room for the gate.

“I’ve heard that you healed our soldier guys when the harpies attacked. We wanted to thank you, but you are not easy to get ahold of.”

“I was injured a bit too, so I’ve been lazing around at home.”

“I see. Then I’ll say thank you for now. Thank you. Our guys are all grateful to you too. If those treatments didn’t make it in time, then someone might’ve died.”

“No, the people of the Templar Knight Order also came to treat people, so I don’t think it would’ve…..”

“Before the Templar Knight Order came, you were also the one that kept those things in check with a huge fire magic, right? It was that magic you’ve been practicing, right. They said it really bought some time. Don’t be too modest. You’ve saved a number of lives for sure.”

I see. I guess that’s true.

I was always thinking about the four adventurers who lost their lives, but there were people that were saved too.

“Oi, why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?”

Huh? I’m crying?

“No, if I had…..if had done things better, then perhaps no one would’ve died, is what I was thinking all this time. But you said that there were people that were saved too, so……”

No good. Crying over something like this. I’m glad that there are only two people in the guardroom.

“Done things better, you say. There is no one that would say something like that to you. One person can only do so much. The soldiers are all grateful to you. I will say thank you once again. Masaru, thank you.”

“Not at all. It’s an adventurer’s job to fight monsters, right? I’ve just done what I could.”

“I guess so. But a debt is a debt. If there is something, then just say so. We will help you anytime.”


That day I only hunted five wild rabbits, then returned to town.

I wasn’t really in the mood either way.

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