Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Peaceful days

Sati is engrossed in sewing.

As expected, she doesn’t leave me hanging anymore to immerse herself in it, but whenever she has free time she keeps working on it. She is making small pouches, bags and aprons by herself. I also was presented with something like a shirt. When I give her a part of the reward from the hunts as pocket money she always buys tools to use or some cloth so the number of her creations steadily increases. It really is a girly way of spending money.

The earnings after partying up with Sati are truly excellent. Even with Sati’s pocket money and our living expenses, including my pretty expensive books, we are still steadily saving up money.

I could seriously think about buying another slave, but I don’t want to wreck my current fulfilled everyday life. I’ll think about that in due time.


One day, Sati’s sewing Skill went up to level 2. It’s on a level where she can be called proficient in it.

By the way, the Levels are:


Level 1 – At a level where the person barely can’t be called a beginner anymore. Able to do basic things.

Level 2 – Ordinary level. In martial arts it’s about level of having a Dan. Housewife level of cooking skills.

Level 3 – Veteran. In martial arts it’s about the level of having 2-3 Dan or more, able to serve as an instructor. With cooking it’s the level of being able to open a shop.

Level 4 – First-rate. Able to aim for a good ranking even in a national tournament. With cooking it’s where they can get a star rating.

Level 5 – First-rate, with an added Super before it.


Something like this according to me conjectures.

With enough time you can get to about 3, but 4 is exceedingly difficult. 5 is out of the question. Even while having natural talent and working tirelessly, it’s not always possible to reach it, it should be that kind of Level.


One day, when I was praising Sati about her archery skills, she said something like this.

“Um, I might be saying something strange, but I think of my skill with the bow as something that I received from Masaru-sama. Just like how I had my eyes healed and were given these mysterious sharp eyes. I was thinking that maybe my skill with the bow might be the same…..”

Uwa. She is perceptive. Well, this is indeed a Gift from God. It’s not wrong.

That time I didn’t particularly deny it, I just cautioned her not to tell anyone about it.

“Yes. I won’t tell anyone. Not even Angela-sama or Tilika-chan.”

Saying that Sati nodded with a serious expression.

I plan to properly tell Sati everything in time.


Leaving that aside. Since her sewing Skill went up to level 2, I tried drawing the design of a sailor uniform, then showed it to Sati and asked her if she could make it. We discussed and decided the color, the type of cloth to use and the minute designs.

The skirt should be shorter!

Till they’re almost visible!

The upper part too, it’s the best when the navel is barely visible!

She showed a bit of disapproval, but when I said it’s only for inside the house she agreed. Hyahhooi!

If it comes out well, then I’ll have one made for everyone.

What should I have her make next after this. The dream is expanding!! I’m almost thinking of using Points for Sewing.

After seeing Sati in the prototype I carried Sati to the bedroom. Yeah, I couldn’t endure it anymore.

The next day I had Sati take a day off and had her make minute adjustments. Then finally, my ideal sailor uniform was completed.

Tears were flowing from my eyes.

A cat eared girl is wearing my ideal sailor uniform. I don’t think there is anything more blissful than this! Then I once again carried Sati to the bedroom and had fun. Yeah, next is the improvements to this pumpkin panties…..


It’s not like I was just wasting my time either.

That’s right, the recreation of curry, ramen, and pizza.

Starting from the conclusion, curry was a failure but the ramen went well. Pizza is just so-so.

For the curry I didn’t really know the composition of the spices, so I mixed a few similar strong smelling spices, but somehow just a mysterious creation ended up being completed.

Sati ran away that time.

It must’ve been too intense for Sati, who has a keen sense of smell….. The mysterious substance was sealed within a deep hole in the garden for all eternity using Earth Magic.

Regarding the ramen, it was easy. I watched many times as they showed the method to make ramen on TV, so as I tried making it while remembering that, it ended up a surprisingly genuine looking chicken bone soup ramen.

I took apart a who-knows-what kind of different world bird, washed it properly and threw it in the pot. Also, a few kinds of vegetables. Then I just boiled them together while taking off the scum. After boiling them together for three hours, it finally became a proper soup. Then by putting salt and spices in, it becomes a ramen soup.

However, the ramen noodles ended up just being pasta.

Apparently lye water is used to make noodles, but what is lye water anyway? It’s a mystery how they make those yellowish noodles.


The ramen had a favorable reception. With vegetables, meat, and boiled eggs as topping, the only one that had a feeling of out of place because of the noodle like pasta was me. Well it was delicious nonetheless.

I also improved the pudding a bit. Of course I couldn’t get ahold of something like vanilla essence, but I remembered to add brandy to it. Once I added some of the alcohol that the vice Guild Chief gave to me, the taste has improved.

Then finally, the pizza. There was no problem with the pizza dough. There was a liquid type yeast in this world too, so I had them give me some of it. I also made tomato sauce. Just, there wasn’t any cheese.

I was wondering if they also made cheese at the horse pasture, so I went to search for it, but what they brought out was yoghurt.

It ended up without cheese. Well, we put mayonnaise on it so it turned out delicious, so it was fine. However, the yoghurt was a good harvest. The types of desserts have increased. I quite like it without sugar too, but the others looked like they didn’t like it very much, but when I added sugar and some mango-like fruit they happily ate it.

Maybe I should make something like ice cream from horse milk and sugar.


Like this I slowly improve our food repertoire. That’s also exactly why I want rice. Rice.

It’s my conjecture, but I think rice also exists somewhere here. This world resembles Earth too much. There are mostly the same kind of plants and animals here as on Earth and even when I go to the grocery store, I only have a small out of place feeling that they look a bit different worldy. This world being like this must be the reason why Itoushin sent me from Earth.

There is also a moon here and the sun looks the same too. These stars are something I haven’t seen yet, but it’s probably not that different from seeing the stars on the southern hemisphere where I haven’t been to before. That’s why if I were to see the planet from space I wouldn’t be too surprised if it looked just the same as Earth.

I’ve found a few maps, but even this continent where the kingdom is on is incomplete, so I don’t know where it’s located.

It’s on my mind, but I don’t have the time to leisurely make sure. Because the world falling into ruin is close.

As for increasing our food repertoire, I will make some time for it even forcibly if I have to!


I also met the adventurers whose injuries I healed during the harpy attack.

They briefly said their thanks, then after that we went drinking even though it was morning. I also heard about the adventurers who died. Nn, nn. They were good guys, huh. They said that those guys came from the countryside and did their best……, what can I do even if you tell me that! Fuck. The next time I will instakill those damn harpies!

While crying like that we raised our spirits in the tavern. It must’ve been nothing but a bother to the tavern people, but since there weren’t many customers, they turned a blind eye.


Sati became very popular at the training field. As usual there are multiple instructors with Sati, but now the adventurers who came to train also increased in number around her. I’m bad at dealing with people, so the instructors are about all who I train with, but Sati is proactively training with other adventurers too. It must be frustrating to get beaten or being evenly matched by a little girl. A line has formed for the chance to compete.

From what I can see, she is winning about 70-80 percent of battles. Sometimes she lost and got injured, but she got immediately healed with Restoration Magic.

But the scary part is after that. When I go to pick her up, she, of course, happily rushes over to me. And everyone looks at me at the same time. A few among them clearly show their killing intents. There were even cases where one of them challenged me to a match. Of course, I refused.

There are some that say some dangerous things like ‘let’s do it with real swords’. Leave me out of that.


One time when I managed to run away from the adventurers, Crook and Silver came.

I’m somewhat on guard. If they manage to find out that I alone climbed the stairway to adulthood, then the revenge match from the other day might commence. I thought of running away, but that would be even more suspicious, so I patiently waited for the two of them to come over.


“Masaru! I heard about it!”

Crook said.

Shit. Where did he hear it from!?

“A-about what?”

“I heard you’ve done well in the harpy fight.”

Ah, that one. I’m relieved.

“Nn, I guess. I was here that time by chance. Where were you guys that time?”

“We were out on a request.”

“Good for you. It was quite dangerous.”

“We heard. The guys that died, I’ve spoken with them a few times here in the training field…..”

The atmosphere turns a bit solemn.


“We have to make sure not to die.”

“Well, we have Lazard-san with us too, if he is there then we can defeat even a dragon.”

“Then why is he still Rank C if he’s like that?”

“I guess he is selective about jobs. Or maybe I should say he didn’t do many jobs apparently.”

“But he is doing more jobs nowadays, right?”

“Yeah. It’s because of Liz-san. Apparently they’ve been going out for a long time now.”

Silver is a bit shaken. He couldn’t get over it yet?

“So he is doing his best because of that…. What kind of requests do you do? It would be bad if he chooses dangerous requests just because the reward is good.”

“There is no way he would expose Liz-san to danger like that. We got quite a sum as the reward for the dragon too, all we do now are easy escort missions.”

“Hnn. So that’s why I don’t really see you guys.”

“That’s it!”


“Lazard-san, he said he wanted to meet you.”

“You! Did you…..”

“No no. That was really a joke. But he heard about how we fought with each other…..”

“……He didn’t come today, right?”



“I’m outta here!”

As I said that while turning my body, there was a voice.

“Hooh. What are you running away from?”


You of course! Lazard-san…..

“I wanted to meet you for a long time now, but it was always bad timing somehow.”

Well, I didn’t want to meet you. For real.

“You know what’s my business with you, right?”

“Have a drink with…..”

“That’s fine too, but for men, this is what it should be after all.”

Saying that, he puts his hand on the sword on his back.

“I heard that you fought with Crook and Silver. By all means, I would also like to be your opponent.”

I reflexively turn my gaze at Crook and Silver, but both of them just shake their heads. Shit. Are they really my friends!?

“Naah, I’m not someone that can serve as a proper opponent for Lazard-san. Really.”

If I get cut by that huge sword on his back I will die!

“U-umm, I have something I need to do.”

“I heard that you beat Crook and Silver down in about a minute. Don’t worry, I won’t take up your time.”

“Ouch ouch ouch. My stomach hurts.”

“You can use Restoration Magic, right? Or what. You want to say that you don’t want to fight me, hah?”

A dangerous atmosphere started to cover Lazard-san.

Scaaaaaary. Why is he spewing so much killing intent?

“Wooden swords…… with wooden swords!”

“Very well.”

“What about magic…..?”

“Fine with me.”

Nice! With that I have some winning chance. I will hit him with an Air Hammer right at the start, then it will be The End.


I act like I’m preparing and put Hardening on the wooden sword. Then, before we begin I chant [Golem Creation]. I bring out four golems right at the start and use them to hold him off, then Air Hammer. I thought about using Thunder right at the start too, but he would get angry about that for sure. Well, even this Golem Creation is fairly….. But changing my strategy at this point is also….

“Come whenever you want.”

Saying that, Lazard-san readies his sword. All he has is the same kind of wooden sword as me, he doesn’t even have a shield.

Isn’t he taking me a bit too lightly? Let’s show him how scary a mage can be!

“Make Golem!”

Four of the one meter tall golems are born from the ground and begin their assault. I also run after them and get close to Lazard-san.

The golems are holding onto Lazard-san’s legs. It looks like Lazard-san doesn’t even care about the golems, he is just looking at me. I have somewhat of a bad premonition, but just according my strategy, I shoot the [Air Hammer].

It will hit the target. Just when I was thinking that, Lazard-san swung his sword and cut apart my Air Hammer.

It’s not like he saw it, but he really cut it apart.

After that, one, two golems get mowed down by his sword. Wait just a moment. It’s a wooden sword! Golems are not that soft that they can be dealt with using a sword made of wood!?

The mowed down golems crumbled into dust. Golems that get damaged end up like that, huh.

“Is this all? I even gave you the first strike.”

Hah!? It’s not the time to be watching on.

He quickly circles around to my flank. There are still two golems holding onto his legs.

When I release the [Air Hammer] it tries to attack him diagonally from the back at the same time.

After kicking away a golem, Lazard-san once again cuts apart the Air Hammer. But there lies my chance.

I close the distance at once, aim for around his shoulder and swing my sword.

However, Lazard-san also closes in. My wooden sword impacted his shoulder pad near the grip, so it didn’t cause any damage whatsoever.

Lazard-san put on a broad grin. Crap!?

Wooden sword comes flying from the left. I barely guard against it, but due to its sheer power my arm feels like it almost got torn off and because of that my stance has crumbled. What power.

I hurriedly put some distance between us. The last golem was also defeated and it disappeared.

Lazard-san looks composed without any indication that he wants to pursue. Shit, cutting apart an Air Hammer, unbelievable.

What should I do? If I fight him normally I won’t be able to win…..

All I can do now is shoot a big magic while the opponent is being overconfident.

[Thunder] Begin Chanting–That moment, Lazard-san made his move.

Kuh-. I receive a hit with the wooden sword. If I don’t put in quite a lot of power, then the wooden sword feels like it would be knocked flying. He is not as fast as Sergeant-dono, so I can see his movements. However, the weight of each hit is on a different scale. Every time I receive one, a shock wave reverberates through my whole body.

Even if I want to run away he skillfully closes the distance and I can’t even evade him.

When I realize, I’m already forced back against the wall.

“Very good, very good. Your nice moves are being wasted as a mage.”

Bit-by-bit, the distance between us lessens.

[Earth Wall] Begin Chanting– About the same time as I activate it, Lazard-san comes in for a hit.


However, that what I was aiming at. The earth wall rises up from beneath his feet and makes him lose his balance.

Here it is! I will finish it with this!

However, Lazard-san, who looked like he lost his balance, used the earth wall to jump high and with that he dodged my sword.

The next instant, a shockwave ran through my body–


When I came to, I was flat on the ground.

It seems I lost consciousness.

Ghu-. It hurts. Some of my ribs are broken for sure!

“Sorry sorry. I panicked a bit from that at the end, so I did it seriously without meaning to.”

[Heal] [Heal] [Heal] [Heal]

Fhuuh. I finally calmed down. It’s very fortunate that it was with a wooden sword…… If it was a real sword, then I would have been split in two.

“That was too much, Lazard-san. What ‘seriously’. I thought I was going to die.”

“My bad, my bad. But, this was fairly fun. Let’s do that again sometimes.”

No, I’m perfectly fine without it…..

“But, that still wasn’t quite enough. Oi, Crook, Silver. Fight against me!”

Hah. Serves you right. You go and get killed once too.

“Don’t worry. As long as you don’t die I will heal you with my Restoration Magic.”

“Ooh, that’s nice! We can go as hard as we want. There, get ready!”


As I watch the two of them get mercilessly shredded by the sword wielding Lazard-san my heart aches a bit. Sorry for thinking that it serves you right.

However, after I treated them and thought that is was over,

“Very good, then three of you next!”

Even with three versus one we lost and got shredded. Lazard-san is too strong.

However, I thought that Silver was a bit dependable. It’s nice to have someone on the defense role.

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