Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Bootcamp, once again

Sergeant-dono, I am currently being worked hard in the garden by two devilish instructors.

Please. Save me.


First, they were quarrelling about who will be the one to teach me first. It was finally decided by rock-paper-scissors.

I was watching it, wondering if it is the same rock-paper-scissors in this different world too or not. It was somewhat different from the one in japan, but it had the same three-way structure.

This is where hell begins. I shoot spells as one of them instructs. Of course, it’s not going well immediately. Words of abuse come flying. Why can’t you do it! Do it as I told you!

After I shoot one spell the instructor changes. I shoot a spell. She gets angry at me. I get dissed. This continues alternatingly.

No way that it would go well with that much pressure, at first the devilish instructors were less strict, but as time went on they got more and more intense.

Ah, Sergeant-dono. Thinking of it now, oh how wonderful was Sergeant-dono’s training. These two are devils….

I could at least take a little break at the beginner course. But taking advantage of my huge mana amount these two are mercilessly torturing me. Please stop. Some children are already crying!


After two hours, I was finally set free by Sati who came to tell us that the pudding is ready. Temporarily. I sit down on the ground, completely limp.

“Uhm, are you alright, Masaru-sama?”

Ah, Sati. You are the only one, only you are concerned about me.

Taken along by Sati I return to the house. I instruct Sati and have her make caramel, then putting it on top of the pudding I offer it to the women group.

“Ara? It’s different from before, right? What is this black thing?”

“It’s called caramel?”

“It’s delicious!”


When we finish eating this pudding it will be the end. Should I use some Points?

But, if I use Points and say “Haah, I managed to learn these spells thanks to my teachers!”, then I would probably get a “Guilty.” response from Tilika-chan. Also, it would create a possibility that they would uncover my Skills and that would be bad for a number of reasons.

“It was delicious.”

“Thank you.”

They all say thanks, then I stop the two who stood up to go to the garden since we finished eating.

Not yet. I still have some ammo left!

I take out the bucket pudding. I carefully put the huge bucket of pudding on a big plate in front of their eyes and put caramel on it. ‘Ooh’, they cheer. There, eat now! This should take some time to eat it all. Maybe someone will eat too much and get sick.

But reality is heartless. The time of my execution was just pushed back a bit.

“Uhm, Tilika-chan. Don’t you need to go back to the Guild?”

“No. I will play with Sati.”

It seems the two younglings made friends with each other. Why can’t just the other two do the same? Why do people fight each other?

If these two were mothers fighting over a child, then they would just keep pulling at the child’s arms even if it cries, until its arms get pulled out. Will this fight have a winner, I wonder? At least that won’t be me…..


After a few hours, Sati called out that we need to start preparing dinner, so I was finally released. Seeing me being dead tired, it looks like the two of them finally understood the situation.

“We-well, maybe we overdid it a little.”

“R-right. Maybe we were a bit too strict.”

Aah, I would’ve liked you to realize it a bit sooner….


I threw everything about dinner to Sati.

I was tired, dammit. But I did instruct her from the back. And for some reason, Tilika-chan also helped, alas while not being too much of a real help. They were chatting with each other while cooking. Mainly Sati. Tilika-chan had a serious expression on and didn’t look like she was enjoying herself, but she did it on her own volition, so it’s probably fun for her.

The dinner menu is bread, salad, tomato flavoured soup, steak, and fried meat which was requested. Of course, plenty dragon meat was used. As for the soup, it was the same as the soup for lunch, only with tomato added, so it’s overlapping, but it was well received by everyone. It was hard to think of a new menu while being tired!

We made much more than for lunch, so I thought that there would obviously be some leftovers, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. That reminds me, Sati looked like she didn’t eat enough at lunch. The mountain-like pile of fried meat was eaten without any trace of it left. You will get fat, people….


As dinner was being prepared I tried complaining a little. Why can’t you get along like those two? You should learn from them. As expected, they felt bad about it and both of them apologized repeatedly.

“Sorry, I just got really into it. Are you angry? No? Really sorry about that.”

“I was thinking that maybe I overdid it a bit, but I was strict for the sake of Masaru…..well, my bad, somewhat…..”

It looks like they are reflecting on it, so I decided to forgive them. A beautiful woman and a beautiful girl were apologizing with a meek attitude and upturned eyes. Nah, it’s fine already. You won’t do something like that again, right? As I forgave them while patting their shoulders in the confusion, their expressions turned into smiles. Right, this is much better. I really had enough of devilish instructors.


After dinner, I asked Tilika-chan if she wanted to go back to the Guild, but she said she will stay for the night.

“Drevin said it’s okay to stay. I will sleep together with Sati today.”

“Right, then you should stay. Sati, take care of her properly.”

“Yes, Masaru-sama!”

They really become good friends. Sati also looks happy. With this the danger has been avoided for today, right? They wouldn’t want to continue when someone is sleeping over, right? I also tried asking ‘Does Angela and Elizabeth want to sleep over too?’. I was just asking really.

You wouldn’t normally think that both of them would say that they want to sleep over too.


“Right. The food here is better than at the inn anyways and it will be served in the morning too, right? I think I will stay.”

‘Also, I was together with Masaru the whole time while we were doing the request’, she added deliberately. Of course, we were in different tents and we were absolutely not sleeping together. Then she looked over at Angela, seemingly saying ‘You go home’. They were harmoniously getting along during dinner, so I thought they made peace with each other, but it seems it was just my imagination.

“M-me too. I will also stay!”

It’s somehow ended up this way. What kind of situation is this?


Apparently Angela will go home once and prepare for the sleep-over. Elizabeth said she brought a change of clothes. We can lend Sati’s to Tilika-chan.

I prepared the bath and we decided to enter in turns. First, Tilika-chan and Sati. Next, Elizabeth. While Elizabeth was in, Angela got back so I had her enter next. I entered last. Of course, I ordered Sati to take care of Tilika-chan. I said I feel like taking a bath alone today, so I entered by myself.

However, the leftover water from those four…. I can’t help if I get a little excited, right!


Apparently, while I was taking a bath Narnia came over.

“Did Narnia-san say you can sleep over?”

“It’s not like I need Narnia’s permission or anything.”

Isn’t she your guardian….?

In this world 15 years old is already an adult, so a 17 years old should be plenty adult enough.

However, according to Sati, she was pretty worried when she heard that Elizabeth will be staying over, but when she heard that Sati, Tilika, and Angela would be staying over too, then she went home saying that in that case there shouldn’t be a problem. As I thought, Narnia-san really is her guardian.


Then, after I got out of the bath and started to relax, the Vice Guild Chief also came over.

“It seems they really befriended each other with Sati. She said she wants to sleep together with Sati today.”

“I see, I see. Then take care of her. There will be work to do starting from the morning tomorrow so bring her over for sure. It doesn’t have to be that early in the morning. Tilika is bad with early mornings.”

“Understood, I will properly bring her over.”

After I promised that, Drevin also went home.


In the living room, after we all got out of the bath, I brought out the alcohol that Drevin gave me. That high-class 20 years old one. Tilika and Sati are eating fruits. It’s too early for alcohol for them.

For some reason, I’m sitting on the sofa sandwiched by Angela and Elizabeth. And what’s more, very closely. After getting out of the bath, they are wearing house gowns and are very sexy. As expected, Elizabeth also took off her black robe and is wearing normal clothes. It’s been since the real estate agency that I saw some of it, but it’s the first time that I saw her completely take it off. Aside from the robe, her other clothes are very cute and fresh. Angela is also showing off her unnecessarily big breasts. Well, it’s not like she really is showing them off. But they are right next to me so I’m really distracted by them!


The three of us sat there and had an unconstrained talk while drinking the alcohol. About today’s food or the forest investigation and such. Tilika-chan and Sati are getting along while eating fruits.

“Seeing them like this, they are like sisters.”

“Right, their names are also similar.”

Hearing that, ‘I’m the onee-chan.’, Tilika-chan said.

“Am I not the older one?”

Right. Sati is a bit bigger.

“Then I’m fine being the little sister, onee-chan.” “You called, Tilika-chan?” “Onee-chan.” “Tilika-chan” “Onee-chan” “Tilika-chan!” “Onee-chan”

…..how long will you keep doing that?


There were some disagreements about the assignment of the rooms, but the big room will be for me and the 2 small rooms will be for Angela and Elizabeth. Sati and Tilika-chan will be sleeping on the floor of the living-room on some futons. I wanted to leave the bed to the two of them, but Sati firmly refused and Tilika-chan said that she doesn’t care where she will sleep as long as she can sleep with Sati. Sati said that she would sleep with me, but I rejected the idea. Tilika-chan would also come with her.

By the way, when I proposed using the three beds for Elizabeth and Angela, Tilika and Sati, and me respectively, it was vigorously opposed. You should really start to get along already.

Or rather, aren’t they completely drunk with a blushed face? Right, the alcohol I got from Drevin is almost completely empty now….

Before those two drunks start fighting again I push them each to their respective rooms. All done.


I also withdraw to my room and just as I finished writing my journal Sati came, bringing Tilika with her.

“Uhm, Masaru-sama, there is something I would like to…..”

“Right, what’s the matter?”

The three of us sit down on the bed.

“My eyes, are they not completely healed yet?”

“Eh? Why do you say that?”

Hawk Eyes was not enough maybe?

“I heard as Masaru-sama was talking about it during the day….”

Ah, she heard that one. I was speaking with a very small voice, she really has good ears.

“And also, if I lose focus my vision gets blurry. Like before.”

I see. Hawk Eyes are not continuously active. If it has an At-Will activation, then its effect disappears when she loses focus.

“Will I not be able to see again in the future?”

“No no, don’t worry. Your eyes are indeed not yet healed, but I made them be able to see with something like magic. It was just a bit hard to explain so I told you that they were healed. The effect won’t run out or anything like that, your eyes will be able to see. Don’t worry.”

“Really? Thank you very much, Masaru-sama!”

Saying that she hugged me tightly. I hug her back and pat her head. Right, Sati is really cute. I will absolutely make sure to do something about her eyes. If I raise Healing Magic from 4 to 5, then I will most likely be able to heal them.


Tilika-chan said.


“Masaru is a good person. Thank you for saving onee-chan.”

Hearing that, Sati separated from me and tightly hugged Tilika-chan.


Nn, Tilika-chan is also a good girl.


Apparently as I was worked hard by the two devilish instructors, these two were talking about their unfortunate circumstances with each other. Therefore they befriended each other immediately. Although I couldn’t ask about Tilika-chan’s misfortune.


“Uhm, would it be alright to sleep together today after all?”

She asks with teary eyes. It’s not like I can throw her out after this like some kind of brute.

“We will just sleep together. Just sleeping, you hear.”


I also asked Tilika-chan. Apparently she doesn’t mind as long as she is with Sati. They really get along.

The three of us started sleeping in a 川 shape with Sati in the middle. Sati snuggled tightly next to me so it was quite hard to fall asleep. Sati was very soft and warm.


Can I sleep finally? As I was thinking that, the next event occurred.

“Masaru? I’m coming in.”

Without even waiting for my reply Elizabeth came in.

She looked this way and froze.

“….why are they sleeping with you?”

Seeing the sleeping two even Elizabeth is whispering.

“Well, even if you ask me why.”

In addition to that, Angela also arrived.

“I heard the sound of a door opening so I came to check. Elizabeth, you planned on stealing a march on me, right!?”

Elizabeth is flustered.

“We agreed that it would continue tomorrow afternoon since I’m not available in the morning!”

Thanks for the explanation. Or rather, are you planning on still continuing that? Even that stealing a march thing, if you think about it calmly training with magic in the garden would make quite a bit of noise so it would be found out immediately. And also, it would annoy the hell out of the neighbours at night. Elizabeth, are you still drunk?

Since Angela also barged in, not surprisingly Sati opened her eyes in a daze.

“Mn. You can sleep.”


It looks like Sati was relieved, so she closed her eyes again and fell asleep. Tilika-chan is still fast asleep.

“No, well….that is. It’s not that.”

“What is not that?”

“Uhm… right. I also came to sleep together with Masaru!”

She said while pointing at me. Seeing that, Angela also realized finally that the three of us are sleeping together. Looking this way, she looked like she wanted to say something, but apparently she decided to attack Elizabeth first.

“That bed can’t really hold 4 people.”

“I can sleep there! Wait a moment.”

Saying that she left the room…..then she brought a bed with Levitation! Then she placed the bed right next to the other.

“Now it’s fine! There, I will be sleeping with Masaru, so Angela, you get out now.”

Elizabeth is trying to obfuscate the fact that she was trying to steal a march by brute force. The situation continues without my consent. Can I at least say something?

“M-me too……uhm…..”

Angela says while fidgeting.

“Uhm, what?”

With an imposing stance with her arms folded, Elizabeth is standing there like she wants to say ‘If you have no business here then go away’.

“I will sleep together with him too!”

How did she come to that conclusion….

It seems like Angela is still under the effect of the alcohol too.


In the end, the five of us slept together.

Elizabeth next to me. Angela got on the other side with Sati and Tilika-chan in between.

Sati woke up again for a bit, but Tilika-chan didn’t wake up even once.

She is a heavyweight, that one.

As expected, Elizabeth, who is sleeping next me, doesn’t snuggle as close to me as Sati, but the bed is pretty narrow. Our shoulders touch and I can feel Elizabeth’s warmth. If I turn sideways Elizabeth’s face is right next to mine, and maybe she also curious about me, our eyes meet sometimes.

I also thought so when it was with Sati, but girls really do smell good. I want to try burying my face in Elizabeth’s fluffy hair and sniff it…. but if I do that and end up getting hated…. ah, but she thinks of me favorably enough to sleep together with me…. nah, but that just because she was drunk……if I do it and end up getting hated….. aah, but Elizabeth’s nice scent is mixed together with the smell of alcohol….

I forcefully divert my eyes from Elizabeth and look towards Angela over Sati’s head, but she is completely facing this way while sleeping. As our eyes met Angela closed her eyes like she was in a panic.

Am I under surveillance…..?

All I could do was close my eyes, empty my mind, and try and sleep…..


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