Redo Prince – Chapter 40 – Commentated version

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Non-commentated version of this chapter here for those that don’t want to interrupt their reading of the story with my rambling.

Chapter 40 – Exorcists

“… control seemed to have improved quite a bit.”

I said while looking at the black wall hanging up in the sky.

For the past few days, I focused on training my ability to compress Dark mana.

“Then, I will shoot now.”

“Thank you, Elysia.”

Elysia shot my 《Dark Wall》 with 《Holy Light》, but it did not pierce it at all. Only after using a higher level spell, a 《Holy Ray》, did my 《Dark Wall》 start to break down.

“It’s gone……so it takes about ten seconds for it to disperse. It’s perfectly usable for defense now.”

“Yeah! It’s thanks to your hard work, Alec-sama! Trying to stand against the Holy Magic you are weak against…..Alec-sama is really amazing.”

Elysia said with sparkling eyes.

She is making a mountain out of a molehill….

“Well, I can only use Dark Magic properly, so…….ooh”

I turned towards the golems returning to the beach from the ocean.

The golems were pulling nets filled with fishes from the water.

“Chuu! So many-ssu! And there are a few large ones as well-ssu! We will go and freeze them right away-ssu!”
(TN: Wow, those mice really like to end their sentences with exclamation points.)

The mouse people and slimes that were present on the beach started moving the fishes right away. It seems today large fishes were swimming near this time, which were needed to be carried by multiple people.

The mouse people and slimes were diligently transporting the stuff.

They are kind of cute, but…’s also good that their movements are quite fast already.

“Everyone seems to be quite used to things already.”

“Apparently the ones we left at the shop back in Lobrion were selling well as well. Though it feels like the reason why they are buying the fishes is to see the magic tool operated freezer.”

“Well, it’s a magic tool that’s rarely seen even among the capital’s businesses. Oh, I guess it’s time for me to bring the frozen fish to Lobrion right about now.”

It would be nice to make a magic tool that could allow people to use 《Teleport》 soon, but I guess I’ll have to do it for now.

Just then, the sound of bells could be heard coming from the governmental building.

It’s shortly accompanied by a ‘chuu’ sound as well.

Tia came running from the governmental building to say something to us.

“Chuu!! Alec-sama, monsters are apparently coming from the continent in large numbers-ssu!”

“Monsters? …..we’ll be right there. Tia, you tell the armor people to gather at the northern parts.”

“Serena is already bringing them there-ssu!”

“As expected, she reacts fast. Good, then let us head over as well.”

I also headed for the north of Alus Island with Elysia.

The armor people were already there, weapons at the ready.

“Archers take position at the windows and on top of buildings! Those with shields are in the front row!”

The armor people move according to Serena’s well carrying voice.

Serena noticed me in time and came to my side.

“Alec-sama! We are prepared to intercept the attack already.”

“Thank you. However, that’s…..”

I strain my eyes in the direction of the continent.

It seems a lot of black objects were heading in our direction, both in the air and on land.

They were heading for Alus…..or so we thought.

Within the black tide, two brilliant white lights could be seen.

“Those are…..”

“They are….. most likely pegasi, those winged horses.”

Elysia muttered next to me.

In time two pegasi came into view, just like Elysia said.


The face of Yulis flashed in my mind for a moment.

Since Yulis’s group were also traveling on pegasi.

However, it wasn’t them. Riding on those pegasi were two people in church clothes. I couldn’t tell if they were male or female, but both of them were quite small.

Chasing them were indeed Arrow Crows.

Serena spoke after confirming the situation.

“Humans? We need to save them then for now……All of you, the pegasi-”

“Wait a moment, Serena.”

Serena tilted her head questioningly after Elysia spoke up with a conflicted expression.

“Hmm? Is there a problem?”

“Those are most likely people from the church……However, I don’t think they are normal church people.”

Like Elysia said, it’s very unlikely normal church people would be coming here.

Also, pegasi are rare and precious. Not something ordinary priests or priestesses could make use of.

“What!! Could they be those Order of the Most Holy Church people!?”
(TN: Why is that such a shock? They were literally expecting them already.)

Elysia nodded at Serena’s raised voice.

“In that case there is no need to go out of our way to save them…..Let’s shoot them down along with the arrow crows.”
(TN: That escalated quickly.)


“Hmm? Alec-sama?”

Serena looked at me questioningly.

“It’s just….we can’t rule out the possibility that they are indeed just normal church people. The safety of Alus is the top priority, but could you leave them alive?”

There is still a remote possibility. It’s possible the church people of Lobrion just came to see me.
(TN: I agree on not taking them down first, only after making sure, but I don’t think normal church people would try to visit the MC on pegasi, so I think that reason is stupid. It’s more likely that some random church people got caught up in things in the area regardless of the MC’s presence there. It’s indeed not a high chance, but still reason enough to not blindly shoot them down without making sure.)

“If that’s what you wish, Alec-sama.”

With that answer Serena turned to Elysia.

Elysia nodded after a brief pause.

“Okay then…..don’t aim at the two riding those pegasi! Aim only at the Arrow Crows behind them!”

The armor people readied their bows and crossbows at the sound of Serena’s voice.

Serena herself also pulled out her sword.

Both Elysia and I aimed our hands towards the large murder of Arrow Crows.
(TN: That’s the group name of crows if you didn’t know.)

Finally, when we could see the dark of the eyes of the people on top of the pegasi, Serena shouted out loud.


Using Serena’s 《Flame Edge》 as a signal, the armor people started shooting.

Elysia and I were also using Holy Magic to attack the Arrow Crows. I couldn’t just use Dark Magic in front of church people, so I was also using Holy Magic.
(TN: That’s smarter than I would’ve expected of him, though that’s not saying much currently.)

“I hope they don’t hit them….ah, they dodged.”

The pegasi dodged the attacks with a sudden nose dive.
(TN: So I guess not aiming for the pegasi just meant that they actually were aiming for the monsters directly on the other side from them and they hoped the pegasi would dodge out of the way? Wow.)

In contrast, our magic and arrows fell onto the Arrow Crows.

With a few Arrow Crows falling into the ocean, the rest turned around right away and flew back to the continent. It must be because they already considered Alus to be a dangerous place.

“Good, nice! It’s our victory!”
(TN: Should leave the victory lap after they actually dealt with the likely assassins and not after shooting down a couple of crows.)

Afte Serena said that, the armor people let out a cheer.

In the meanwhile, two pegasi gently landed on Alus Island.
(TN: Yeah, just ignore those.)

Two young girls in church clothes got off those two pegasi.
(TN: Of course it’s two young girls, what else would they be. And it’s already clear that they will be somehow persuaded to switch sides.)

One of them was constantly grinning and the other had a brusque expression on her face.

As the grinning girl stood in front of me, she spoke with a smile on her face.

“You are the Sixth Prince, Alec-sama, right?”

“Indeed. I’m Alec. What does the church want here?”

“We are exorcists. We came here to exorcize a Devil from this land.”

“There is no Devil on this island.”

When I said that, the corners of the grinning girl’s mouth raised to a creepy degree.

“The Devil lies after all…..However, there is no place for a Devil in this world, so──Show yourself!!”

Just as the grinning girl said that, a stone shone from the stone the brusque looking girl had in her hand all of a sudden.
(TN: I can understand not taking them down before making sure of things, but I don’t think that letting them nearly within stabbing distance is a good idea either.)

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