7 comments on “Mondaiji Vol.11 Interlude 1

  1. Azi GARHaka, I swear just….gah such a wonderful character that I love-hate in such a good way….

    Though at first I wondered if Azi Dahaka felt sorry for Canaria, but it turns out to be his own creator….

    And dear God no wonder it took so long for this volume to come out!! the thought put into these games….and I STILL can’t solve freakin Saurian’s game dammit!! DX


  2. Jack’s game may not be too hard, considering who he is, but it’s Saurian’s game… It must be some Chinese or Japanese thing… Maybe Korean… gah…


    • I plan on continuing with the translation until I get a DMCA notice myself, but if you want to translate it yourself then you are welcome to since you are much faster than me with it, so it would be better for the readers.


  3. Just reading through and I’ve some questions
    “It’s unknown what poet wrote songs about it, but they managed to analyze it annoyingly well.”
    Just wondering, what is the “it” that the line refers to?
    The version that I see is “Although it is not known which poet had composed these songs, the sly malice in them were visible enough to be picked up by him.”
    After the line of “Can’t even be mistaken for a human.”
    Is there another line of “Narrowing his eyes for a closer look, he could make out a perfect set of sharp fangs peeking from her mouth.”
    Thanks, Firebird for the vol11 chapter! 😀


    • ‘It’ refers to Azi Dakaha’s style of fighting. This sentence refers to how the games are built in such a way that Azi Dakaha can’t fight how he wants or usually does because there would be too big penalties associated with it. I’m fairly sure this is the right interpretation for the original text.

      I seem to have missed that line for some reason, thanks for the heads-up!


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