No Fatigue Ch68

First of all, thank you for the feedback to the question I’ve asked on friday!

Some of you expressed an interest in reading No Fatigue in the future, so I decided to clean up a chapter I’ve already almost finished and put it up as a weekend extra.

For now, Heavy Knight will still be my main focus until I catch up to the author, but I will try to put up a chapter of No Fatigue too from time to time.
This also doesn’t mean that I won’t pick up some of the other recommendations I’ve received in the future either, some of them looked to be quite enjoyable.

I think I’ve improved a lot since the last time I translated No Fatigue, so there might be a few terms and such that were changed where I felt there was a better alternative.

The reason why I decided to continue with Chapter 68, as opposed to 93-ish, is because I don’t think anything after chapter 67 can be considered readable. No Fatigue is a webnovel that especially needs an as accurate as possible translation to properly enjoy, which I will aim to provide.

So, here is the first of hopefully many chapters to come:
Chapter here.

Heavy Knight V2Ch22

Last chapter for the week.

I would also like to ask all your opinions about what should happen when I manage to catch up to the author with Heavy Knight, which should be happening around early december probably.
That means that after that, I will only have a Heavy Chapter when the author puts one out, which tends to be about every 3 days.

So, what should I focus on translating in my remaining time?

The first possibility is continuing the No Fatigue which I used to translate before, however that would mean starting again from chapter 68, because I’ve found the translation quality less than acceptable after that, not to mention that a number of chapters after that are outright missing when you click on their link on NovelUpdates.
This is the one I’m currently leaning towards because I would like to complete the translation for it if possible.

The second possibility is starting on another webnovel, whether it be one that someone dropped a while back, or an entirely new series.
If you would like this one, then please share your recommendations on what to pick up.

Chapter here.