Hello Work – V2Ch5

Trallala, overdue chapter. This chapter was the longest since Chapter 1, so it took me longer than it should have. I hope I get faster in the future.

So with this chapter, I caught up to the equivalent WN chapter that was translated at over Rebirth Online World. After this, it will be new content for every translation reader if there are no releases from them in the meantime.

Chapter here.

Hello Work – V2Ch4

This release was much later than what I hoped for, but at least this should be last Shokugeki no Masaru type chapter, so the future ones should more fun to translate.

USUAL REMINDER: The web novel version of this chapter was translated at Rebirth Online World, so you might have read that version before. This is the LN version which has some differences, mainly in the wording, the sentence structure, and the order of some paragraphs.

The next chapter is the one that has the corresponding chapter translated at Rebirth Online World, so if there are no releases until then, then it will be new content for everyone after that chapter.

Chapter 4 here.