Heavy Knight V1Ch22

Last chapter for this week. Next is coming on monday.

I’ve recently enabled a star rating system for the chapters and I would appriciate it if you could use it to rate not how entertaining the chapter was, but the translation quality instead, so I can take a second look at those that people feel are not up to par. Aside from the first 6 chapters anyway, since those are not mine and will be retranslated anyway.

Chapter here.

Heavy Knight V1Ch16

This is a bit longer chapter which means that I was even later than usual.

For other news, this chapter is the tenth in a row where I released a chapter every day.
I was able to do that partly because I had some days off from work, so it’s not something I will be able to keep up most likely.
So due to that I will probably stay at the 1 chapter every weekday, or 5/week schedule from now on.

I’ll try to look into possibilities of increasing that in the future, but for now after tomorrow’s chapter there will be a two day gap before the next one.

Chapter here.