Hello Work – V2Ch11

It seems every time I post something I need to apologize for being late and this is no exception either. These days I’m well deserving of my blog subtitle of ‘The one who puts the LATE in TransLATE’.

This chapter is the sponsored chapter for the week of 04.11 to 04.17.

This chapter was sponsored by Habib. Thank you for that and I want to especially apologize to you about these delays.

Chapter here.

There will still be more coming today after editing.

Hello Work – V2Ch9

Last week, work has prevented me from translating, so I didn’t even release 1, let alone 3 chapters sadly. I will do my best to catch up with the schedule in a few weeks.

The current backlog for hello work: 2 regular and 2 sponsored chapters, so 2 weeks worth.

Also, this chapter was sponsored by Habib, and it’s for the week of 2016.04.04 -> 2016.04.10
Once again, sorry for the delay.

Chapter here.

Hello Work – V2Ch8

I wanted to put this chapter up yesterday, but it was longer than usual, so it took longer to translate and edit than I thought.

So, this chapter is intended as the regular chapter of the last week, that means I still owe a sponsored chapter for the last week, which I will try to do as soon as possible.
Since there is a queue of 10 currently, it means that this week should have 3 chapters, then the next 8 should have 2 chapters every week. If all goes well, that means in approximately 6 weeks, this Volume should be finished. After that, it will continue with Vol.3.

I will do my best with the translation, so I hope to hear some feedback on whether the translation quality is good enough.

Chapter here.