Hello Work – V2Ch9

Last week, work has prevented me from translating, so I didn’t even release 1, let alone 3 chapters sadly. I will do my best to catch up with the schedule in a few weeks.

The current backlog for hello work: 2 regular and 2 sponsored chapters, so 2 weeks worth.

Also, this chapter was sponsored by Habib, and it’s for the week of 2016.04.04 -> 2016.04.10
Once again, sorry for the delay.

Chapter here.

Hello Work – V2Ch8

I wanted to put this chapter up yesterday, but it was longer than usual, so it took longer to translate and edit than I thought.

So, this chapter is intended as the regular chapter of the last week, that means I still owe a sponsored chapter for the last week, which I will try to do as soon as possible.
Since there is a queue of 10 currently, it means that this week should have 3 chapters, then the next 8 should have 2 chapters every week. If all goes well, that means in approximately 6 weeks, this Volume should be finished. After that, it will continue with Vol.3.

I will do my best with the translation, so I hope to hear some feedback on whether the translation quality is good enough.

Chapter here.